A New Chronicle: The Strong Badger Reflects

A New Chronicle: The Strong Badger Reflects (2020)

In the summer of 2016, Brock Peters opened the doors of The Strong Badger Coffeehouse, an independent coffee shop in the West End of Winnipeg, Canada. In the spring of 2019, two and a half years later, he announced that the Strong Badger would close its doors. Presented here are Brock’s reflections on his time running the Badger, as well as stories and some fun easter eggs. Part memoir, part socio-economic commentary, and part history, this short volume is sure to fascinate anyone who ever set foot in The Strong Badger Coffeehouse, and even those who never had the chance.

The Strong Badger (2018)

When his best friend goes missing, a troubled young badger is forced to redeem himself on the streets of East Eorl. Along the way, he encounters a mysterious society of musicians, a tiny coffeehouse, and a cosmic power greater than anything he could have imagined…

The Shadow Over Portage and Main (2016)

This anthology features writers who have all lived in Winnipeg for a time and been inspired, horrified, changed by that experience. The stories here capture a tone of history, dread, violence, weirdness, and sometimes even whimsy; a tone that only Winnipeg exudes.